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Stress working under the Sky!

- 02 Jan 2020

Bunting is a low cost promotion advertisement medium that are widely used in Malaysia whether is made from tarpaulin or synthetic paper materials with 6 x 2 feet standard sizing and installed at the lamp-post beside the street road.

We cannot imagine the difficulties and stress in installing and uninstalling the bunting on lamp-post are faced by the workers in terms of the workers needed, time required and safety level for workers during installation under the hot and shining sky yet the risk of falling apart from the ladder.

The Skytider arch portraying difficulties and stress while working under the hot and shining sky. Their safety and live at stake.

He has created the skies without the pillars that you may see - Luqman [31:10]

In sync with this verse, SkytiderTM itself is a unique apparatus invented by administrative staff to lift and tied the bunting on the lamp-post without the use of ladder and wire, speeding up the installation, and yet it’s provide safety environment for the workers. The mechanical technique to tie the bunting using strong cable tie made from synthetic material invented to be the practical way to remove the use of wire that always been left off at the lamp post and pollute your eyes sightseeing and the environment.

The base from the plurality of rusted left wire, feel the pain of the workers if you see through the arch to the harmony cloudy cable tie up- to the sky.

Asrizam Esam1, Norliyana Kamarudin1, Norhidayah Mad Halid1, Hafliza Hussin1 ,
Norazlin Monir1, Mohammad Hisham Omar1, Muhammad Izzat Nor Adzmi2,
Mohd Mas'Ataillah Ismail1, Shahriman Hashim2

1Putra Science Park, Universiti Putra Malaysia
2Pejabat Timbalan Naib Canselor (Penyelidikan dan Inovasi),
Universiti Putra Malaysia
43400 Serdang, Selangor

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