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(Prof. Madya Dr.) Chia Suet Lin
Ketua Laboratori
Institut Biosains

Published Journal:

1. Leong SW, Chia SL, Abas F, and Yusoff K. 2020. Synthesis and in-vitro anti-cancer evaluations of multi-methoxylated asymmetrical diarylpentanoids as intrinsic apoptosis inducer against colorectal cancer. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 30: 127065.

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DOI: 10.1038/s41598-019-50222-z

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1. Reverse genetics system to provide recombinant viscerotropic virulent genotype VIII Newcastle disease virus (NDV) strain AF2240-I (rAF). Malaysian Patent Application no: PI2017701829

2. Recombinant Newcastle disease virus as an oncolytic agent. Malaysia Patent Application no: PI2019006518

1. Newcastle disease virus colloquium 2009 (ISBN 978-967-344-077-1)
Member of the editorial board

Book Chapter:
1. Yasmin AR, Chia SL, Looi QH, Omar AR, Noordin MM, and Ideris A. 2019. Herbal extracts as antiviral agents. In Feed Additives 1st Edition Aromatic Plants and Herbs in Animal Nutrition and Health. Ed. Florou-Paneri P, Christaki E, Giannenas I. Elsevier: Academic Press. Pg 115-132. (ISBN: 9780128147009; ebook ISBN: 9780128147016)

Other publication:
1. Khoso, F.N., Wong, S.K., Chia, S.L. and Lau, W.H. 2013. Cytochrome oxidase subunit I (COI) gene sequences of 17 local flies submitted and published in GenBank. Accession no. KC855270 – KC855286.