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Skyridder at Quality Circle Forum of India Hyderabad

- 19 Sep 2022
Quality Circle Forum of India
Hyderabad, India
International Convention on QC Circles 2021
Quality Concepts Facilitating Societal and Economic Turnaround

Presentation Title :
Difficulty Removing Abandoned Wires And Debris On A Lampposts
Sub-title : Skyridder – Single handle high reach wire cutter


Skyridder is a high reach wire cutter, an apparatus design using a new mechanical technique of wire cutter without string-pulling or lever mechanism. Galvanized steel wire usually uses to bind the advertisement buntings on certain high on street lighting columns in Malaysia side road. Difficulties to dismantle the bunting or leftover rusted wire that need to use a ladder can cause some risk, and it disrupts the scenery of the environment. On the other hand, the old, rusted wire is left on the street lighting columns due to the dumping of illegal advertisements in the residential areas in Serdang Selangor. This problem selected as a main critical problem specifically based on staff safety to conclude our project title as difficulty removing abandoned wires and debris on a lampposts. The limitation of available tools and ladder perturbation causes the wire is tied more than 4 meters in height is not reachable and prompting the workers to snatch the buntings down, leaving the wire fragments and bunting debris on the street lighting columns. This study is to design and improvise tools using the SCAMPER technique to explore the solution that can reach higher, speeding the process, low cost, light, adjustable handle to avoid using a ladder to improve worker`s safety. The result is successfully developing a high reach wire cutter with a new mechanism with aviation snips nozzle cutter and attached buffer to fill in the gap and column retainer to make it efficiently cut and remove the tight wire and bunting debris left on the street lighting columns in Malaysia side roads. This projects just not implemented on UPM campus at Selangor, Sarawak and Negeri Sembilan but help the local neighborhood community on Taman Sinaran Kajang Selangor to raise their awareness on lamppost cleanliness the at been polluted with abandoned wire on the lamp post from the bunting debris and illegal advertisement.

Keywords: Ladder Falls, Wire Cutter, High Reach, Safety Standard, Aviation Snips

The bunting workers normally practice manual steps to remove bunting or leftover wire on the street lighting columns by climbing the ladder and use a cutter in Malaysia. Safety of workers in a state of hazard while performing their task on confronting adversity to climb the unsafe ladder (Hanapi et al., 2013) due to ground conditions and can cause fractures, most important injury from ladder falls (Barbat et al., 2020; Smith et al., 2006). Bunting workers are from advertising companies whereas for government agencies, Local Authorities, universities, occasionally staff, students or the public will be temporary workers. Available imported tools in the market currently using string, or lever mechanism have their limitation to remove wire efficiently, limitation on the range, hefty, non-adjustable and too costly. Level mechanisms use vertical ejector shaft which can be actuated by the lever to (Handa & Verma, 2002) able the cutter workable. String or lever mechanism prevents the long handle cutter to be adjustable. The issue that needs to be addressed is to avoid the use of a ladder and avert ladder perturbation causes (Pliner et al., 2017).

Name of the presenter(s) :
Mr. Asrizam Esam - Research Officer,
Company/Organization : Universiti Putra Malaysia, Serdang Selangor Malaysia

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