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Hello! Nice to have you here, on my lovely university homepage. Welcome !!!

You might be on the right page if you are hunting for:

  • a supervisor for your academic projects or research,
  • research collaboration
  • a professional advisor or technical consultant,
  • an academic collaborator in your industry,
  • a trainer to computer science courses.

Academic Background

  • Bachelor of Computer Science, UPM (Software Engineering)
  • Master Science, UPM (Software Metric)
  • PhD, University of Manchester, UK (Component-based Software Engineering)

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Software Engineering
  • Object-oriented Analysis and Design
  • Computers and Its Applications
  • Java Programming
  • Software Evaluation
  • Information Technology and Its Applications

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Student Business Plan Competition

I have experience involved in intervasity business plan competition myself in 2008, and brought home a merit award. In 2013, together with a student team in my second attempt, achieved first runner up. If you are interested in achieving something similar together, why not approach me.

IBM Trainer

I am also a trainer to IBM Mobile Worklight and Software Architecture. If you need a short course in these, I might be able to help. If you need a course in your campus, you might get it for FREE too.

Computer Applications in Social Science Research

I also involved in several projects with the Institute of Food and Agriculture Policies. Among interesting projects are National Cocoa Industry Study sponsored by Malaysian Plantation Industries and Commodities (MPIC) 2014, Vintage Modelling of Oil Palm Replanting Policies sponsored by Malaysia Palm Oil Board (MPOB), 2012. Balance of Trade Malaysia by the Ministry of Agriculture Malaysia 2015. I have been nicked 'the taukeh data' or literally "the data boss" as I involved in massive data mining in these projects. I am now studying R in business analytics, and finding how government agencies could take advantage of this free tool in data analysis.

Technical Background

I have years of experience in Unix system administration, web development (jsp, php, jsp), MySQL database administration.

For Undergraduate Students

I am now developing a conference management system. Undergraduate students who wish to have your hand in it, or even to make it your final year project, please do not hesitate to contact me, I am ready to share my knowledge and experience. In return, I need your contribution to the project. To involve in my project, you must grave for good life experience, diligent and willing to spend lots of time working on it. Knowledge in PHP and Laravel framework would be an advantage to you.

The second on-going project is to build a component-based software engineering tool for Raspberry Pi mini computer using model driven approach. In this project, you will be learning how to draw UML diagram in order to build a software modelling tool. Definitely, as a software engineering project, you won't be able to escape from programming, some knowledge in Java and Python would be an advantage to you. Raspberry Pi and peripherals will be provided for testing when the system is ready to deploy.

For Postgraduate Students

I have great interest in component-based software development (CBSD), software architecture, design and development process. My PhD thesis entitled 'Incremental Construction of Component-based Software Systems" has posted a few new issues and challenges in CBSD, including the prospects of CBSD in agile methodologies, reactive systems, concurrency and parallelism, and ultra-large systems. If you have a similar topic in these area, please do not hesitate to drop me an email.

Oops, you find these boring?

No worries, I work hard, and play hard too. How about having some fun, create some outdoor activities or indoor sports? I am an active sport man. I love badminton and swimming. Give me a ring if you need a reasonably good player in the badminton court.

If you are interested in a wee chat face to face, please visit my campus office at the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Systems, Universiti Putra Malaysia. If you don't feel safe talking to a stranger :P, then why not drop me a line at: kengyap@upm.edu.my or give me a ring 03-8947 1754.

Convocation in Manchester University