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Nurul received her Ph.D. degree from University of Southampton, United Kingdom in the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Bionanoelectronics Engineering) - Microfluidic devices and systems for fluid and particle separation and manipulation. She was awarded B.Eng (Hons) degree in Electronic Engineering (Communication) from University of Leeds, United Kingdom and Master Degree (M.Sc.) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Device Simulation) from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Malaysia. Her Research interests: Design and fabricate microsystems and sensors, microfluidic devices (liquid handling devices), Lab on a chip (LoC), BioMEMS and Thin Film Solar Cells. Her 2013 Book Chapter on "Microfluidic Devices Fabrication for Bioelectrokinetic System Applications" published with InTech in the book "Electrochemistry" has achieved impressive readership results which has been accessed more than 3000 times.

Member of Micro and NanoElectronic Systems Unit,
Member of Microelectronic and Nanoelectronic Laboratory.
Chairman/Head of Advanced Material Synthesis and Fabrication Laboratory (AMSF).
Chair of IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Malaysia Chapter (IEEE CASS M), 2015-2016.
EEE Research Coordinator 2017-2018.

Nurul and Advanced Material Synthesis and Fabrication Laboratory (AMSF):

There is a new sense of optimism in material synthesis and fabrication research. Advances over the past decade in knowledge, study and research have led us to the point where our understanding of the new materials and their synthesis and fabrication should be ready for practical applications in the many fields. The challenge now is to turn this knowledge into real benefits for academics and researchers.

We are the world-class science and technical innovation from which UPM contains 16 Faculties, 9 Institutes and 16 Centers on the same campus. They are all towards current and future research. UPM has all the qualities to be a leader in advanced material synthesis and fabrication research revolution. The dream to build the world-leading science and engineering laboratories was brought up by the combination of efforts, ideas and comprehensive discussions from expert members from Faculty of Engineering (FK), Institute of Advanced Technology (ITMA) and Faculty of Science (FS), since UPM has the space for further development.

Recognizing this potential starting from 2012, and after over one year and a half of detailed meeting, the cleanroom laboratory has started to be built. In the year of 2013, as this mission materialized, we named it as Advanced Material Synthesis and Fabrication Laboratory (AMSF). The anticipation of the completion of AMSF laboratory infrastructure is grateful indeed, as many researchers wanted to do material synthesization and fabrication while young researchers/ lecturers who just came back from study/sabbatical leave with experiences from the world-class laboratories would like to work in this AMSF laboratory. The location of AMSF is very strategic. Within the vacinity of the AMSF lab, there are other laboratories with strong electronics, computer and communication, chemical and physic research interests.

Several important factors have laid the foundations for future success:
▪ establishing a world-class laboratory research by three responsible centers: the Faculty of Engineering (FK), Institute of Advanced Technology (ITMA) and Faculty of Science (FS);
▪ promoting the interaction between researchers, scientists and academicians from many disciplines right across UPM, as well as MEMS and NEMS industries, material, biotech and pharma companies, to create an exciting new research community;
▪ ensuring the high quality of the electronic/physics service in the UPM because without this, the application of our research will not flourish;
▪ extending the electronics/physics service to the surrounding population, both to increase the students base for research and also to ensure that the investment of resources benefits as many people as possible.

With AMSF laboratory as the nucleus of fabrication, in ten years time we are targeting to have transformed from what was in most respects, a district synthesis and fabrication center into a nationally significant center. Our national and international peers are supporting us as seen from the points indicated below.
▪ In 2013, many researchers from most faculties, institutes and centers in UPM, support and recognize the build and the setup of the AMSF laboratory.
▪ In 2014, visitors from India, Japan, Korea and United Kingdom have visited the laboratory and said that the idea of having the AMSF laboratory is good for students to gain experience in synthesis, fabrication and recognize the early cleanroom working environment.
▪ In 2014, most researchers involved in AMSF are acknowledged in their research especially in new materials, nanotechnology, picotechnology and even smaller.

While there are much more to be done. We have provided the experimental base from which to create international leading programs of AMSF research to benefit all researchers.

We welcome more users, sponsors, funders and donators (i.e. new cleanroom equipment which can also be second hands and fully working) for our students to experience such a good research at our AMSF laboratory. Email eng.kee@upm.edu.my if you want to work in our lab or contribute to our lab. For more information, please visit http://www.eng.upm.edu.my/amsfkee. Thank you.

Nurul and IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Malaysia Chapter (IEEE CASS M):

Nurul actively involves in voluntarily work with IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Malaysia Chapter (IEEE CASS M) since it formed in Malaysia in 2003. In 2004, 2005, 2011 and 2012 she was the hon. secretary of IEEE CASS M. In 2012 IEEE CASS M has its first conference exclusively for CAS Malaysia named ICCAS2012 and she was the hon. secretary of the conference. Nurul was the Publication Chair in ICCAS2013 and ICSyS2015 conferences. In 2015 and 2016, Nurul served as the Chair of IEEE CASS M. Her team has managed to get several funds from IEEE CASS HQ that include the 2015 Outreach Initiative of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society on Women in Circuits and Systems (WiCAS2015) program and 2016 Asia-Pacific Winter School on Bio-Inspired Systems and Prosthetic Devices (BioPro2016). She has introduced the local CASS M newsletter, Linkedin and Facebook Groups (by invitation) for members for speed communications and to evoke meaningful digital dialogue among members. She started contributing to IEEE’s newsletter since 2014 when she was the vice chair of IEEE CASS M. In 2016, Nurul has continued her vision and mission for IEEE CASS Malaysia to have more, better and useful activities for IEEE CASS M members. One of the popular activities of CASS M is High Tea event. She has chaired the event for three years in a row since 2014. She has also introduced the Higher Education Student Project Exhibition Day especially for postgraduates and undergraduates participation at High Tea event. Under the Networking CASS Chapters in IEEE Region 10 Program, she has participated in delegation to visit IEEE CASS Chapter in South Korea (2014), Hyderabad and Macau (2016). Under Nurul's leadership, the IEEE CASS M won The Best Region 10 Chapter of the Year Award in 2015, the World Best Chapter of the Year Award in 2016 and the World Best Chapter of the Year Award in 2017. IEEE CASS Malaysia has achieved the "World Best Chapter" award three times since 2007. In 2014, 2012, 2011 and 2005, the IEEE CASS also has been awarded as The Best Region 10 Chapter of the Year Award when she was the hon. secretary and the executive committee in IEEE CASS M. Check out http://cas.ieeemy.org for more information.

In the year 2017 IEEE CASS Malaysia has successfully hosted the PrimeAsia2017 Conference. The authors from amongst the postgraduate students in the field of microelectronics were invited to write papers and those who have been selected present the papers. Thank you to all parties and participants who have made PrimeAsia 2017 a success. Next PrimeAsia will be in conjunction with APCCAS2018 in Chengdu, China.

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