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SAPAAN : Y. Bhg. Profesor Dr.
NAMA : Ahmad Zaharin Bin Aris
PTJ : Fakulti Pengajian Alam Sekitar

An improved SPE-LC-MS/MS method for multiclass endocrine disrupting compound determination in tropical estuarine sediments 2017
Detecting and predicting the impact of land use changes on groundwater quality, a case study in Northern Kelantan, Malaysia 2017
Evaluation of distribution and sources of sewage molecular marker (LABs) in selected rivers and estuaries of Peninsular Malaysia 2016
A GIS-index integration approach to groundwater suitability zoning for irrigation purposes 2016
Local community acceptance of the rare earth industry: the case of the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP) in Malaysia 2016
Anthropogenic waste indicators (AWIs), particularly PAHs and LABs, in Malaysian sediments: Application of aquatic environment for identifying anthropogenic pollution 2016
Glutamic Acid Independent Production of Bioflocculants by Bacillus subtilis UPMB13 2016
Surface Water Organophosphorus Pesticides Concentration and Distribution in the Langat River, Selangor, Malaysia 2016
Comparison of Soil CO2 Efflux in Tropical Forests of Different Ages, Peninsular Malaysia 2016
Analytical techniques for steroid estrogens in water samples - A review 2016
Endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) in environmental matrices: Review of analytical strategies for pharmaceuticals, estrogenic hormones, and alkylphenol compounds 2016
Performance, yield and characteristics of bioflocculants (UPMBF13) produced by Bacillus subtilis UPMB13 during submerged and solid-state fermentation 2016
Phytoremediation of Gold Mine Tailings Amended with Iron-Coated and Uncoated Rice Husk Ash by Vetiver Grass (Vetiveria zizanioides (Linn.) Nash) 2016
Effective removal of lead (II) ions by dead calcareous skeletons: Sorption performance and influencing factors 2016
Occurrence of selected estrogenic compounds and estrogenic activity in surface water and sediment of Langat River (Malaysia) 2016
The levels of mercury, methylmercury and selenium and the selenium health benefit value in grey-eel catfish (Plotosus canius) and giant mudskipper (Periophthalmodon schlosseri) from the Strait of Mala 2016
Discriminant analysis for the prediction of sand mass distribution in an urban stormwater holding pond using simulated depth average flow velocity data 2016
Fecal indicator bacteria in tropical beach sand: Baseline findings from Port Dickson coastline, Strait of Malacca (Malaysia) 2016
Mercury accumulation in marine fish most favoured by Malaysian women, the predictors and the potential health risk 2016
Discriminant analysis for the prediction of sand mass distribution in a holding pond using deposition thickness model of a single grain-sized particle 2016
Heavy metal concentration in flesh muscle of selected salted fish and health risk assessment among adults in fishing villages in Malacca* 2015
Groundwater irrigation quality mapping using geostatistical techniques in Amol?Babol Plain, Iran 2015
Total Organic Carbon (TOC) on the Surface Sediment as Environmental Characterization Analysis: A Preliminary Study for Proposed Cultivation Area for Blood Cockle (Anadara granosa) 2015
Determination of Heavy Metals in Indoor Dust From Primary School (Sri Serdang, Malaysia): Estimation of the Health Risks 2015
Spatial variation assessment of Malacca River water quality using multivariate statistical analysis 2015
Health Risk Assessment using in vitro digestion model in assessing bioavailability of heavy metal in rice: A preliminary study 2015
Mercury contamination in the estuaries and coastal sediments of the Strait of Malacca 2015
Contamination assessment and potential human health risks of heavy metals in Klang urban soils: a preliminary study 2015
Factors responsible for spatial and temporal variation of soil CO2 efflux in a 50 year recovering tropical forest, Peninsular Malaysia 2015
Assessment of groundwater vulnerability to anthropogenic pollution and seawater intrusion in a small tropical island using index-based methods 2015
Using particle tracking as a tool sustainable bank infiltration techniques: a case study in an alluvial area 2015
Health Risk Assessment of Heavy Metal in Urban Surface Soil (Klang District, Malaysia) 2015
Extreme Value Analysis for Modeling High PM10 Level in Johor Bahru 2015
Bioavailability of Heavy Metal in Cooked Rice and Health Risk Assessment Using in Vitro Digestion Model 2015
Heavy metals (lead, arsenic & cadmium) concentration in dried seafood and potential health risk among adults of a fishing village in Malacca 2015
Procedia Environmental Sciences 2015
Multi-Objective Based Approach for Groundwater Quality Monitoring Network Optimization 2015
Lithium Levels in Peninsular Malaysian Coastal Areas: An Assessment Based on Mangrove Snail Nerita lineata and Surface Sediments 2015
Total Mercury (THg), Lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd) and Arsenic (As) in Hair Samples: Method Validation and Quantification among Women at Reproductive Age in Selangor 2015
Factors Controlling the Suspended Sediment Yield During Rainfall Events of Dry and Wet Weather Conditions in A Tropical Urban Catchment 2015
Artificial Neural Network Modeling of the Water Quality Index Using Land Use Areas as Predictors 2015
An integrated assessment of seawater intrusion in a small tropical island using geophysical, geochemical, and geostatistical techniques 2014
Factor Controlling the Total Exchangeable Cation of Estuaries and Coastal Sediment 2014
Statistical Approach in Determining the Spatial Changes of Surface Water Quality at the Upper Course of Kano River, Nigeria 2014
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Identification and Source Discrimination in Rural Soil of the Northern Persian Gulf Coast 2014
Mercury Distribution in Port Klang Mangrove and Estuarine Sediment 2014
A Comparative Study of Groundwater Quality of Various Aquifer Systems in Malaysia 2014
Assessment of the Potential Contamination Risk of Nitrate in Groundwater Using Indicator Kriging (in Amol?Babol Plain, Iran) 2014
Geoaccumulation and distribution of heavy metals in the urban river sediment 2014
Health Risk Assessment on Bioavailability of Heavy Metals in Klang District Urban Surface Soil 2014
From Sources to Solution 2014
Metal mine-impacted waters in Bestari Jaya, Selangor 2014
Spatial Analysis of the Air Pollutant Index in the Southern Region of Peninsular Malaysia Using Environmetric Techniques 2014
A review on economically adsorbents on heavy metals removal in water and wastewater 2014
A comparison of Soil Co2 Efflux Rate in Young Rubber Plantation, Oil Palm Plantation, Recovering and Primary Forest Ecosystems of Malaysia 2014
Radioactivity levels of 234Th and 210Po in the Green Mussel (Perna viridis) at the Straits of Johor and the estimated accumulations to human body 2014
Spatiotemporal variation of groundwater quality using integrated multivariate statistical and geostatistical approaches in Amol?Babol Plain, Iran 2014
Seasonal Variations and Yearly Trend Evaluations of Sedimentation Loads: A Case Study at Chalok River, Terengganu, Malaysia 2014
Assessment of Water Quality Using Environmetric Techniques at Johor River 2014
Preliminary Physicochemical Assessment of Groundwater in Kg. Salang, Pulau Tioman, Pahang, Malaysia 2014
Spatial Assessment of Groundwater Quality Monitoring Wells Using Indicator Kriging and Risk Mapping, Amol-Babol Plain, Iran 2014
Comparison of monsoon variations over groundwater hydrochemistry changes in small Tropical Island and its repercussion on quality 2014
Accuracy assessment of Kriging Models in Chemical Composition Maps 2014
Drastic Index-based rating utilising GIS in Kapas Island, Malaysia 2014
Concerns on the Threat of Environmental Hazards to Human and Environment in Malaysia: An Exploratory Analysis 2014
Extreme Value Theory for Modeling and Prediction of High PM10 Concentration in Johor 2014
Occurrence of 17α-ethynylestradiol (EE2) in the environment and effect on exposed biota: A review 2014
Source Discrimination of PAHs in Industrial Soil of the Persian Gulf Coast 2014
Continuous fixed-bed column study and adsorption modeling: Removal of cadmium (II) and lead (II) ions in aqueous solution by dead calcareous skeletons 2014
From Sources to Solutions 2014
Potential Health Risk Assessment of Urban Soil on Heavy Metal Content in Seri Kembangan 2014
Health Risk Assessment of Heavy Metal Exposure to Classroom Dust in Primary School, Serdang (Malaysia) 2014
An Experimental Approach on the Removal of Cd (II) and Pb (II) Ions from Aqueous Solutions by Using Dead Calcareous Skeletons 2014
Water Quality Status of Selected Rivers in Kota Marudu, Sabah, Malaysia and its Suitability for Usage 2014
Persistent Contaminants in Waste Oils: A Short Review on PCBs and PAHs as Main Contaminants 2014
Identification of the Hydrogeochemical Processes in Groundwater Using Classic Integrated Geochemical Methods and Geostatistical Techniques, in Amol-Babol Plain, Iran 2014
The chemometric approach as a useful tool in the identification of metal pollution sources of Riverine-mangrove sediment of Kota Marudu, Sabha, Malaysia 2014
Dynamic behaviour of Cd2+ adsorption in equilibrium batch studies by CaCO3 -rich Corbicula fluminea shell 2014
Comparison of As and Cu in the Corbicula javanica and sediments collected between Pangsun and Kajang sampling sites 2014
Water Quality and Enrichment of Sedimentary Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) Relation to Fish Culture in Malaysia 2014
Particle tracking analysis of river-aquifer interaction via bank infiltration techniques 2014
Forest Logging and It Impact on Soil Carbon Dioxide Effluxin the tropical Forest, Peninsular Malaysia 2014
Heavy Metals (As, Cd, Cr and Pb) Concentration in Selected Freshwater Fishes and Health Risk Assessment Among Adults in Kluang, Johor 2014
Bioconcentration and translocation efficiency of metals in paddy (Oryza sativa): A case study from Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia 2014
An Experimental and Modelling Study of Selected Heavy Metals Removal from Aqueous Solution Using Scylla serrata as Biosorbent 2014
A Preliminary Appraisal of the Effect of Pumping on Seawater Intrusion and Upconing in a Small Tropical Island Using 2D Resistivity Technique 2014
A novel approach for the adsorption of cadmium ions in aqueous solution by dead calcareous skeletons 2014
Application of Geochemical and Geostatistical Analyses in Observing the Controlling Factors of Groundwater Compositions 2014
Fate of Anthropogenic Disturbance at Merambong Seagrass Bed: Past Impacts, Present trends and Future Predictions 2013
A baseline study of tropical coastal water quality in Port Dickson, Strait of Malacca, Malaysia 2013
Assessment of Tidal and Anthropogenic Impacts on Coastal Waters by Exploratory Data Analysis: An Example from Port Dickson, Strait of Malacca, Malaysia 2013
Accumulation of trace metals in mussel Perna viridis transplanted from a relatively unpolluted site at kg. Sg. melayu to a polluted site at kg. Pasir Puteh and to an unpolluted site at Sg belungkor in the straits of Johore 2013
Surface water quality contamination source apportionment and physicochemical characterization at the upper section of the Jakara Basin, Nigeria 2013
Variations of selected in situ surface water parameters in Langat river 2013
Depuration of trace metals in transplanted Perna viridis from polluted site at Kg Pasir Puteh to relatively unpolluted sites at Kg Sg Melayu and Sg Belungkor in the Straits of Johore 2013
Application of the chemometric approach to evaluate the spatial variation of water chemistry and the identification of the sources of pollution in Langat River, Malaysia 2013
Spatial and temporal air quality pattern recognition using environmetric techniques: a case study in Malaysia 2013
Application of Environmetric Methods to Surface Water Quality Assessment of Langkawi Geopark (Malaysia) 2013
Spatial Geochemical Distribution and Sources of Heavy Metals in the Sediment of Langat River, Western Peninsular Malaysia 2013
The geoaccumulation index and enrichment factor of mercury in mangrove sediment of Port Klang, Selangor, Malaysia 2013
Irrigation water quality assessment of a trans-state river basin in western part of Malaysia by integration of hydrochemical and chemometric analysis 2013
Influential factors on the levels of cation exchange capacity in sediment at Langat river 2013
Baseline metals pollution profile of tropical estuaries and coastal waters of the Straits of Malacca 2013
Trace metals in the shells of mussels Perna viridis transplanted from polluted to relatively unpolluted sites in the Straits of Johore: Shells as biomonitoring materials 2013
Application of geoaccumulation index and enrichment factors on the assessment of heavy metal pollution in the sediments 2013
Chemometric techniques in distribution characterisation and source apportionment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons(PAHS) in aquaculture sediments in Malaysia 2013
Persistent contaminants in waste oils: A short review on PCBs and PAHs as main contaminants (2013) 2013
Bioavailability of heavy metal in rice using in vitro digestion model 2013
Experimental determination of Cd2+ adsorption mechanism on low-cost biological waste 2013
Cd and Zn in Nerita lineata collected from selected areas of the southern west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. 2013
Soil Carbon Dioxide Efflux and Atmospheric Impact in a 10 Years Dipterocarpus Recovering Lowland Tropical Forest, Peninsular Malaysia 2013
Water Quality and Enrichment of Sedimentary Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) Relation to Fish Culture in Malaysia 2013
Evaluation of Factors Influencing the Groundwater Chemistry in a Small Tropical Island of Malaysia 2013
Trace metal concentrations in the different parts of Perna viridis collected from some jetties in the Straits of Johore 2013
Elemental hydrochemistry assessment on its variation and quality status in Langat River, Western Peninsular Malaysia 2013
River water quality assessment using environmentric techniques: Case study of Jakara River Basin 2013
Concentartions of Cu and Pb in Nerita lineata collected from Johor 2013
Chemometric techniques in distribution, characterisation and source apportionment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHS) in aquaculture sediments in Malaysia 2013
Source Discrimination of PAHs in Industrial Soil of the Persian Gulf Coast 2013
32 Saintis Muda, STAR jadi Pilihan UPM untuk program Penyelidikan 2012
Trace metal (Cd, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni and Zn) accumulation in Scleractinian corals: A record for Sabah, Borneo 2012
Modeling of Water Balance Components in a Small Island via a Numerical Model Application 2012
Effect of data pre-treatment procedures on principal component analysis: a case study for mangrove surface sediment datasets 2012
Statistical approaches and hydrochemical modelling of groundwater system in small tropical island 2012
Spatial assessment of air quality patterns in Malaysia using multivariate analysis 2012
Extent and severity of groundwater contamination based on hydrochemistry mechanism of sandy tropical coastal aquifer 2012
Assessment Of Mercury Enrichment In Coastal Sediment From Port Klang, Malaysia 2012
Sustainable groundwater management on the small island of Manukan, Malaysia 2012
Forensik Alam Sekitar 2012
Existing Environment 2012
Characterization of spatial patterns in river water quality using chemometric pattern recognition techniques 2012
Spatial-temporal variation of surface water quality in the downstream region of the Jakara River, north-western Nigeria: A statistical approach 2012
Spatial variability of metals in surface water and sediment in the Langat River and geochemical factors that influence their water-sediment interactios 2012
Cation Dependence, pH Tolerance, and Dosage Requirement of a Bioflocculant Produced by Bacillus spp. UPMB13: Flocculation Performance Optimization through Kaolin Assays 2012
Preliminary Assessment on the Hydrogeochemistry of Kapas Island, Terengganu 2012
The Influence of Seawater on the Chemical Composition of Groundwater in a Small Island: The Example of Manukan Island, East Malaysia 2012
Artificial neural network modeling of the water quality index for Kinta River (Malaysia) using water quality variables as predictors 2012
Temporal Aspects of Surface Water Quality Variation Using Robust Statistical Tools 2012
Spatial aspects of surface water quality in the Jakara Basin, Nigeria using chemometric analysis 2012
Stability Behavior and Thermodynamic States of Iron and Manganese in Sandy Soil Aquifer, Manukan Island, Malaysia 2011
Understanding of groundwater salinity using statistical modeling in a small tropical island, East Malaysia 2011
A Brief Groundwater Studies in Malaysia 2011
Bioflocculant Produced by Bacillus sphaericus UPMB10: Potential Application in Treatment of Suspended Solid Pollution 2011
Evidence of seawater incursion due to over-exploitation of groundwater in a small tropical island: A statistical multivariate analysis 2011
Numerical Modelling of Seawater Intrusion in Manukan Island's Aquifer 2011
Numerical simulation of seawater intrusion in Manukan Island, East Malaysia 2011
A Brush up on Water Quality Studies of Port Dickson, Malaysia 2011
Spatial Aspect of Surface Water Quality Using Chemometric Analysis 2011
Application of water quality index method in water quality assessment 2011
A SWOT Analysis for Optimization of Groundwater Resource Management: The Case of Manukan Island, Sabah, Malaysia 2011
Selection of a Solid Waste Treatment Technology Using the AHP Approach 2011
Solid Waste Management: Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) Application of Selecting Treatment Technoogy in Sepang Municipal Council, Malaysia 2011
A Numerical Modelling of Seawater Intrusion into an Oceanic Island Aquifer, Sipadan Island, Malaysia 2010
Groundwater Resources Assessment Using Numerical Model: A Case Study in Low-lying Coastal Area 2010
Modeling for Equitable Groundwater Management 2010
A Brief Review on Groundwater Studies in Malaysia 2010
Hydrological Trend Analysis Due to Land Use Changes at Langat River Basin 2010
Groundwater Challenges in Small Islands: A Review and Examples from Malaysia 2010
Spatial assessment of Langat river water quality using chemometrics 2010
Analysis of Chemicals Causing the Foam and Colour in the Streams of Maliau Basin 2010
Recharge and Aquifer Response: Manukan Island?s aquifer, Sabah, Malaysia 2010
Assessment of Seawater Intrusion in a Small Tropical Island's Aquifer, Malaysia 2010
Heavy Metals Dynamics and Source in Intertidal Mangrove Sediment of Sabah, Borneo Island 2010
Geochemical and Numerical Approaches for Seawater Intrusion Assessment in a Small Tropical Island Aquifer 2010
Grooming of Environmental Sectors Leadership in Malaysia: The Way Forward 2010
Groundwater Assessment at Manukan Island, Sabah: Multidisplinary Approaches 2010
Physico-chemical Characteristics of the Rivers at Eucalyptus Camp, Maliau Basin 2010
Assessment of Selective Chemical and Microbial Parameters in Groundwater of Pulau Tiga, Sabah 2010
Determination of Trace Metals in Lichens Under Different Ecological Conditions in Malaysia - Urban Proximity and Pristine Environment 2010
A Multi-variate Statistical Analysis of Water Chemistry ? The Maliau Basin 2010
Concentration of Heavy Metals in the Sediments of a River in Maliau Basin 2010
Saturation states of carbonate minerals in a freshwater-seawater mixing zone of small tropical island┐s aquifer 2010
River Water Quality Assessment of Selected River in Gunung Benom, Pahang using Harkin's Index 2010
Numerical Assessment of Seawater Intrusion in Manukan Island, Malaysia 2009
Saturation Indices of Groundwater Contaminated by Seawater in Small Tropical Island's Aquifer 2009
Evaluation of solid waste treatment technology using AHP approach 2009
Kedah Maju Kedah Bestari Berpacukan Penyelidikan dan Pembangunan 2009
Modeling of Seawater Intrusion for a Small Tropical Island Aquifer in East Malaysia 2009
An Analysis of the River Water Quality - Climate Change Effect Phenomena in Tuaran River, Sabah, Malaysia 2009
A pristine environment and water quality in perspective: Maliau Basin, Borneo?s mysterious world 2009
A review of groundwater in islands using SWOT 2009
Optimization of groundwater resource management using SWOT analysis: The case of Manukan Island, Sabah, Malaysia 2009
A Baseline Study on Groundwater Quality of the Tourist Island, Pulau Tiga, Sabah, Malaysia 2009
Evolution of Groundwater Chemistry in the Shallow Aquifer of a Small Tropical Island in Sabah, Malaysia 2009
Hydrochemical changes in a small tropical island?s aquifer: Manukan Island, Sabah, Malaysia 2009

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