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SAPAAN : Prof. Madya Dr.
NAMA : Tang Sai Hong
JAWATAN HAKIKI : Profesor Madya
PTJ : Fakulti Kejuruteraan

Lot Streaming and Preventive Maintenance in a Multiple Product Permutation Flow Shop with Intermingling 2104
Obstacles Avoidance Mobile Robot System in Uncertain and EverChanging Surroundings 2016
Development Model for Supply Chain Network Design by Demand Uncertainty and Model Selection 2016
Application Of Sampling-Based Motion Planning Algorithms In Autonomous Vehicle Navigation 2016
Surface Defects in Groove Milling of Hastelloy-C276 Under Fluid Coolant 2016
A Fast Optimal Sampling-Based Motion Planning Algorithm Based On The Poisson-Disk Sampling Distribution 2015
Hybrid multiobjective genetic algorithms for integrated dynamic scheduling and routing of jobs and automated-guided vehicle (AGV) in flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) environment 2015
Information system success among manufacturing SMEs: case of developing countries 2015
The business value of information system-enabled e-collaboration capabilities 2015
Analysis of household electricity consumption behaviours: impact of domestic electricity generation 2015
A Review on Motion Planning and Obstacle Avoidance Approaches in Dynamic Environments 2015
An agile FCM for real-time modeling of dynamic and real-life systems 2015
Construction of fuzzy X-S control charts with an unbiased estimation of standard deviation for a triangular fuzzy random variable 2015
Biogeography based optimisation (BBO) algorithm to minimise non-productive time during hole-making process 2015
B2B e-commerce success among small and medium-size enterprises: a business network perspective 2015
A review of refrigerant maldistribution 2015
Analysis of Automated G-Clip Machine Processes and Substation Process with Simulation by using CAD Software 2014
FCM Relationship Modeling for Engineering Systems 2014
Cost Analysis of Two Different Configurations for a Distribution Network Design 2014
Solving Continuous Trajectory and Forward Kinematics Simultaneously Based on Artificial Neural Network 2014
Automatic navigation of mobile robots in unknown environments 2014
A genetic algorithm for optimization of integrated scheduling of cranes, vehicles, and storage platforms at automated container terminals 2014
Effects of Integration on the Cost Reduction in Distribution Network Design for Perishable Products 2014
On the influence of shape and material used for the femoral component pegs in knee prostheses for reducing the problem of aseptic loosening 2014
Predicting the Motion of a Robot Manipulator with Unknown Trajectories Based on Artificial Neural Network 2014
IT investments and business performance improvement: the mediating role of lean manufacturing implementation 2014
Multi-objective design optimization of functionally graded material for the femoral component of a total knee replacement 2014
A fuzzy-tabu real time controller for sampling-based motion planning in unknown environment 2014
Development of application-specific adjacency models using fuzzy cognitive map 2014
Development of bacteria foraging optimization algorithm for cell formation in cellular manufacturing system considering cell load variations 2013
Metaheuristic Techniques on Cell Formation in Cellular Manufacturing System 2013
Development and Tuning of Bacteria Foraging Optimization Algorithm on Cell Formation in Cellular Manufacturing System 2013
Designing of Fuzzy Cumulative Sum (FCUSUM) Control Chart 2013
IT investments and product development effectiveness: Iranian SBs 2013
An Optimization Approach for A Joint Location Inventory Model Considering Quantity Discount Policy 2013
Multi-Objective aggregate production planning model with fuzzy parameters and its solving methods 2013
A Hybrid Method using Analytic Hierarchical Process and Artificial Neural Network for Supplier Selection 2013
Lot streaming and Preventive Maintenance in Multiple Product Permutation Flow Shop with Intermingling 2013
Influence of Pattern Coating Thickness on Porosity and Mechanical Properties of Lost Foam Casting of Al- Si (LM6) Alloy 2013
Adoption of Mobile Commerce: The Impact of End User Satisfaction on System Acceptance 2013
An Integrated Model for Production Planning and Cell Formation in Cellular Manufacturing Systems 2013
A Reactive Collision Avoidance Approach for Mobile Robot in Dynamic Environments 2013
A genetic-based optimized fuzzy-tabu controller for mobile robot randomized navigation in unknown environment 2013
Use of simulation in solving outpatient clinic problems: A review of the literature 2013
Effect of Boric Acid Mixture as Solid Lubricant Towards Machining Processes 2013
A novel graph computation technique for multi-dimensional curve fitting 2013
An Integrated Framework of Green Supply Chain Management Implementation 2013
An Algorithm for Navigation of Mobile Robots in Cluttered Environments 2013
Distribution Network Design for Fixed Lifetime Perishable Products: A Model and Solution Approach 2013
Conflict-Free Automated Guided Vehicles Routing Using Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm 2013
A Low Dispersion Probabilistic Roadmaps (LD-PRM) Algorithm for Fast and Efficient Sampling-Based Motion Planning 2013
The role of owner/manager in adoption of electronic commerce in small businesses - The case of developing countries 2013
Material tailoring of the femoral component in a total knee replacement to reduce the problem of aseptic loosening 2013
A mathematical model for the industrial hazardous waste location-routing problem 2013
Unsupervised and Online Place Recognition for Mobile Robot based on Local Features Description 2013
Development of an Educational Robotic Training Kit 2013
Illustration and Model Verification for an Inter-Cell and Intra-Cell Facility Layout Problem in a Cellular Manufacturing System 2013
Application of fixed order period lot sizing rule in capacitated make-to-order production systems 2013
A Review on Multiple Criteria Undesirable Facility Location Problems 2013
Bismuth-antimony as an alternative for high temperature lead free solder 2012
Artificial neural network (ANN) approach for predicting friction coefficient of roller burnishing Al6061 2012
An expert fuzzy cognitive map for reactive navigation of mobile robots 2012
Energy absorption capability of hybrid tube made by mild steel and GFRP under quasi-static loading 2012
Sampling-based tabu search approach for online path planning 2012
Layout formation in cellular manufacturing systems 2012
Application of fuzzy logic in mobile robot navigation 2012
Development of Priority Oriented Scheduling Method to Increase the Reliability of Manufacturing Systems 2012
Modelling dynamic scenarios using fuzzy cognitive map 2012
Effect of length on crashworthiness parameters and failure modes of steel and hybrid tube made by steel and GFRP under low velocity impact 2012
Robot navigation using fuzzy-logic and actual-virtual target switching 2012
An improved fuzzy PD-like controller for MIMO twin rotor system 2012
Application of radio frequency identification (RFID) in manufacturing in Malaysia 2012
A review on robot motion planning approaches 2012
A bacteria foraging algorithm based cell formation considering operation time 2012
A novel GA-FCM strategy for motion learning and prediction: application in wireless tracking of intelligent subjects 2012
An FCM modeling for using a priori knowledge: application study in modeling quadruped walking 2012
Improved bug algorithm for online path planning: utilization of vision sensor 2012
Strategies for successful information technology adoption in small and medium-sized enterprises 2012
Automated storage and retrieval systems: A review on travel time models and control policies 2012
The Effects of Different Grades of Hob Cutter in Determining Gear Tooth Accuracy 2012
Integrated scheduling of sp-as/rs and handling equipment in automated container terminals 2012
Combination of Continuous and Discrete Wavelet Coefficients in Single-Trial P300 Detection 2012
Priority-Based Genetic Algorithm for Conflict-Free Automated Guided Vehicle Routing 2012
An alternative approach to FCM activation for modeling dynamic systems 2012
An integrated model for the design of cellular manufacturing systems 2012
The reconfiguration issue of stochastic facility layout design in cellular manufacturing systems 2012
Aseptic loosening of femoral components ? A review of current and future trends in materials used 2012
Design of a facility layout model in hybrid cellular manufacturing systems under variable demand 2011
UNIDO technology management approach in developing countries 2011
Optimization of Integrated Scheduling of Quay Cranes and Automated Guided Vehicles using Simulated Annealing Algorithm 2011
A review of control architectures for autonomous navigation of mobile robots 2011
Axial Behavior of Steel Tube Wrapped by Composite as Energy Absorber under Compressive Load 2011
Maintenance Optimization Models: A Review and Analysis 2011
Unsupervised place recognition for assistive mobile robots based on local feature descriptions 2011
A mathematical model and heuristic procedure for cellular layout 2011
Barriers to electronic commerce adoption among small businesses in Iran 2011
Using simulated annealing algorithm for optimization of quay cranes and automated guided vehicles scheduling 2011
Measuring process capability index Cpmk with fuzzy data and compare it with other fuzzy process capability indices 2011
An integrated inventory location smodel considering all-unit quantity discount 2011
Loss-based process capability indices: a review 2011
Facility layout design for hybrid cellular manufacturing systems 2011
Electronic commerce-enabled supply chain process integration and business value 2011
Design of portable shell and tube heat exchanger for a solar powered water distiller 2011
Simulation of thermoset injection for bulk moulding compounds (BMC) 2011
Energy Absorption Capability of Hybrid Tube Made by Mild Steel and GFRP under Quasi-Static Loading 2011
A New Extension on Job Allocation with the aim of optimizing ness in Industrial Manufacturing Environments 2011
A stochastic facility layout model in cellular manufacturing systems 2011
Developing a hybrid algorithm for distribution network design problem 2011
Optimization of Reliability Based on Job Scheduling 2011
The Effect of Machine Parameters on the Surface Quality in Planing of Rubberwood 2011
The role of intelligent agents in customer knowledge management 2011
Inter-cell and Intra-cell Layout Design in a Cellular Manufacturing System 2011
A committee machine approach to multiple response optimization 2011
Speedup Robust Features Based Unsupervised Place Recognition for Assistive Mobile Robot 2011
Information Technology Adoption in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises; An Appraisal of Two Decades Literature 2011
Improvement of Tops Spinning Manufacturing with CNC Lathe 2011
Virtual force field algorithm for a behaviour-based autonomous robot in unknown environments 2011
A Conceptual Design Approach To The Development Of An Open-Rack Structure For Miniload AS/RS 2010
Novel Real Time Obstacle Avoidance Approach For Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation 2010
Lean process management implementation through enhanced problem solving capabilities 2010
Development of a Travel Time Model for Split-Platform Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems with Two Input/Output Stations 2010
Integrated Inventory Location Problems: A Review 2010
A Genetic Algorithm for Optimization of Simultaneous Scheduling of AGVs and QCs in Container Terminals 2010
A Mathematical Model for Cell Formation Problem Which Consider Machine Duplication 2010
Development of Bacteria Foraging Algorithm on Cell Formation considering Ordinal Level Data 2010
A Novel Approach to Motion Modeling using Fuzzy Cognitive Map and Artificial Potential Fields 2010
An Analytical Approach To Customer Driven Manufacturing 2010
Investigation of using Neuro-Fuzzy and Self-Tuning Fuzzy Controller to Improve Pitch Angle Response of Twin Rotor MIMO System 2010
Development of Bacteria Foraging Algorithm in dynamic cellular manufacturing system 2010
A New FCM-Based Strategy For Modeling Complex Systems 2010
An Inventory Location Model With Fixed Transportation Cost Considering Vehicles Capacity 2010
A Computerized Approach to Group Discussion and Decision Making 2010
Motion Modeling using Motion Concepts of Fuzzy Artifitial Potential Field 2010
BASE: A bacteria foraging algorithm for cell formation with sequence data 2010
Path Planning Strategies For Autonomous Mobile Robotis 2010
Qualitative Performance Measurement of Supply Chain Management using Fuzzy Logic Controller 2010
Characterizing Surface Defects of Solid Wood of Dark Red Meranti (Shorea sp.), Melunak (Pentace sp.) and Rubberwood (Hevea brasiliensis) in Planing Process 2010
Personnel Selection using ELECTRE 2010
Development Of Bacteria Foraging Algorithm On Cell Formation 2010
ANFIS-Self Tuning Fuzzy PD Controller for Twin Rotor MIMO System 2010
Thermal Comfort Evaluation of the Enclosed Transitional Space in Tropical Buildings: Subjective Response and Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation 2009
Overall processes capability index for assembly production lines 2009
A novel approach to human motion estimation with applications in human-robot safety 2009
Bead-sort algorithm fo r load shuffling in miniload ASRS with an open rack structur 2009
New process capability index using Taguchi loss functions 2009
Leanness Achievement through People Development System in Implementing Lean Process Management 2009
ANFIS Controller with Fuzzy Subtractive Clustering Method to Reduce Coupling Effects in Twin Rotor MIMO System (TRMS) with Less Memory and Time Usage 2009
Supplier Evaluation and Selection using Revised Taguchi Loss Function 2009
A New Path Estimation Strategy for Predicting Blind Persons' Motion in Indoor Environments 2009
A Review on Positioning Techniques and Technologies: A Novel AI Approach 2009
TOPSIS Extension for Multi-Objective Supplier Selection Problem under Price Breaks 2009
Visualisation of a Supply Chain Network using Social Network Analysis Tool for the Timber Construction Project 2009
The Roles Of Communication Process For An Effective Lean Manufacturing Implementation 2009
Effect of Environmental Comfort Factors in Enclosed Transitional Space toward Work Productivity 2009
Development of genetic fuzzy logic controllers for complex production systems 2009
Supplier Evaluation and Selection using Revised Tagichi Loss Function 2009
Class-based storage assignments for miniload AS/RS with open-rack structure 2009
Development of a New Minimum Avoidance System for a Behaviour-Based Mobile Robot 2009
Lean Behavior in Implementing Lean Process Management 2009
A Consensus on Critical Success Factors for Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Implementation: The Experience of Malaysian Firms 2009
Conventional and Heuristic Approaches for Robot Motion Planning 2008
Degree Of Leanness And Managerial Commitment In An Aerospace Company 2008
A New Genetic-Fuzzy Algorithm for Mobile Robotics Way-Finding in Environments with Any Types of Concave Obstacle 2008
Improvement of a Grey Based Method For Supplier Selection Problem 2008
Parallel Fuzzy and PID Controller to Improve Accurate Positioning Of DC Motor Positioning Control System in Noisy Environment 2008
A Statistical Model for Expected Cycle Time of SP-AS/RS: An Application of Monte Carlo Simulation 2008
Applicability of Agent Based Systems in Customer Knowledge Management 2008
A Goal-Oriented Approach to Robot Way-finding in Environment with Local Dead-Ends 2008
TOPSIS for Solving Multi-Objective Multi-Product Supplier Selection Problem under Price Breaks 2008
Total Employees Involvement through People Development System in Implementing Lean Process Management 2008
Optimization of Supervisory Fuzzy Controller with Genetic Algorithm for Multi-Part-Type Production Systems 2008
Measurement of Qualitative PerformancesiIn Supply Chain Measurement 2008
A Review of Problem Solving Capabilities in Lean Process Management 2008
An Optimal Grey Based Approach Based on TOPSIS Concepts for Supplier Selection Problem 2008
A Statistical Travel Time Model for Miniload Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems with Open-Rack Structure 2008
Social network analysis and visualisig the supply chain map in construction industry. 2008
Application of Intelligent Agents in Knowledge Exchange with Customers 2008
Lean Bevahior Among Employees in an Aerospace Company 2008
A Novel Approach to Human Motion Estimation With Applications in Human-Robot Safety 2008
TOPSIS and Fuzzy Multi-Objective Model Integration For Supplier Selection Problem 2008
Class-Based Storage Assignments for Miniload AS/RS with Open-Rack Structure 2008
Early Cost Estimation For Injection Mold Based On Geometrical Complexity Of Plastic Part 2008
People Development System to Enhance Problem Solving Capabilities in Implementing Lean Process Management: A Case Study in Aerospace Company 2008
Early Cost Estimation for Injection Mould based on Geometrical Complexity of Plastic Part 2008
Fuzzy-PID Compensator to Improve Yaw Angle Control System Response Of Twin Rotor MIMO System (TRMS) in Noisy Aerodynamic Environment 2008
Knowledge Exchange With Customers Using Intelligent Agents 2008
Developing Smart Mapping System in Supply Chain Management by using Social Network Analysis in Manufacturing Industries 2008
On the Determination of Class-Based Storage Assignments in a Miniload AS/RS with Open-Rack Structure 2008
A Special Discount Strategy for Supplier Selection and Order Allocation 2008
Open-Rack Structure for Miniload Automated Storage and Retrieval systems : An Innovative Design Approach 2008
A New Genetic-Fuzzy Algorithm for Mobile Robotics Way-Finding in Environments With Any Types of Concave Obstacle 2008
Developing Theoretical Framework for Visualizing the Supply Chain using Social Network Analysis 2008
Supplier Evaluation Method based on Process Capability and Price Analysis with CPMPC Chart 2008
Proceedings World Engineering Congress : Manufacturing Engineering, Automation and Robotics Conference 2007
Lean Process Management as a Company Strategy to be a Cost Competitive: A Case Study in a Lean Aerospace Company 2007
Modeling and Simulation of Genetic Fuzzy Logic Controllers for Multi-Part-Type Production Line 2007
An Intelligent Mobility Aid System for Visually Impaired Persons According to the Blinds Fuzzy Cognitive Map (FCM) in Local Path Planning 2007
Development of Statistical Travel Time Model for SP-AS/RS with A New Configuration Alternative 2007
A Neural Network Approach for Flexible Manufacturing Cell Using Graphical User Interface 2007
Travel Time Analysis of SP-AS/RS with an Alternative Configuration for the Input/Output Station 2007
A Study of Ergonomic Industrial Robot In Klang Valley, Malaysia 2007
Degree of Leanness and Managerial Commitment in an Aerospace Company 2007
A Fuzzy-Logic Approach To Mobile Robot Local Navigation By Using Actual-Virtual Smooth Target Switching 2007
People Development System to Enhance Problem Solving Capabilities in Lean Process Management 2007
Exploring the gender gap in Internet use and preferences: A case Study at Universiti Putra Malaysia 2007
A Study of Ergonomic Industrial Robot in Klang Valley, Malaysia 2007
Mapping Supply Chain Using Social Network Analysis for Facilitating Decision-Making Process 2007
A case Study at Universiti Putra MalaysiaExploring the gender gap in Internet use and preferences: A case Study at Universiti Putra Malaysia 2007

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