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NAMA : Kamaruzaman Bin Jusoff
PTJ : Fakulti Perhutanan

The Influence of Internal and External Factors on Farmers Perception and Participation in Jeneberang Watershed Conservation 2013
Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) Ice Cream Cone Antenna for Communication System 2013
Assessing Timber Extraction by Using the RIMBAKA R2020- A Timber Harvester on a Steep Terrain in Ulu Jelai Forest Reserve, Peninsular Malaysia 2013
Productivity of the Rimbaka Timber Harvester R2020-A on a Steep Terrain Operation in Malaysia 2012
Unique Flowers Produced from West Indian Lemongrass, Cymbopogon citratus (DC.) Stapf. Through Induced Mutation. 2012
The development of a sustainable-construction planning system. 2012
Influence of Grit on Performance of Local Chicken under Intensive Management System 2012
The Exotic Portrayal of Women in Isabella Bird Bishop¿s Journeys in Persia and Kurdistan 2012
Predictive modelling and mapping of Malayan Sun Bear (Helarctos malayanus) distribution using maximum entropy. 2012
The Impacts of Gold Mining on the Farmer¿s Community 2012
Assessing natural capitals for sustainable ecotourism in Tasik Chini Biosphere Reserve 2012
Flood Disaster, Impacts and the Tourism Providers¿ Responses: The Kota Tinggi 2012
Predictive Modeling and Mapping of Malayan Sun Bear 2012
Predictive Modeling and Mapping of Malayan Sun Bear 2012
Understanding the mediating effect of cognitive and emotional satisfaction on customer loyalty 2011
Implication of Image Processing Algorithm In Remote Sensing and GIS Applications 2011
Numerical analysis of the load bearing capacity of pinended hybrid headed columns under uniaxial loading 2011
Environmental Sustainability: What Islam Propagates 2011
Usability of Academic Management System 2011
Leadership Performance in Primary Schools in Malaysia 2011
Design and Prototype Development of Credit Transfer and Exemption System in FIIT,UNISEL, Malaysia 2011
Knowledge Construction Process in Online Learning 2011
Combustor aerodynamic using radial swirler 2011
Sensing and Filtering Characteristics of Electrostatic Sensors for Pneumatically Conveyed Particles 2011
Metacognitive Strategies and Experties in Learning 2011
A Delphi Study Analysis of ICT skills in Secondary Vocational School 2011
Consumer preference for genetically modified (GM) food : The case of less saturated fat palm oil in Malaysia 2011
Non-linear Modeling and Cascade Control of an Industrial Pneumatic Actuator 2011
The influence of usability and enjoyment on electronic customer relationship management performance in Jordan mobile communication services. 2011
Process optimization of melt spinning and mechanical strength enhancement of functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes reinforcing polyethylene fibers 2011
Hybrid E-Training Measurement Tool: Reliability and Validity 2011
Quality Improvement of Services in UnversitiTeknologi MARA Pahang from a Management Perspective 2011
Questionnaire construction of deviant sexual behavior and awareness on sexual deviation behaviour 2011
Executive compensation,company performance,size and managerial control of public listed companies in Sarawak 2011
Achieving Excellence through Information Literacy as part of Innovative Curriculum 2011
Evaluation of The Egyptian Agricultural Development During the Mamluk Era 2011
Sustaining Communication in Collaborative Environment 2011
Manufacturing-producer services relationship in electric and electronic firms in Penang's regional production complex,Malaysia 2011
Conversions Patterns among Mualafs at Pusat Bimbingan Islam Sultan Abdul Halim Muazam Syah Negeri Kedah Darul Aman(Pusba) 2011
Learning Environment and the Development of Student's Generic Skills 2011
Thinking through content instruction: Microteaching unveils. 2011
Individual Species Crown Mapping in Taman Rimba Ilmu, University Malaya Using Airborne Hyperspectral Imaging 2010
Communication Skills of Practicing Pharmacists and Pharmacy Students 2010
The detrimental crime of abortion: A comparative study between Malaysian law and common law 2010
Laevifonol: A Unique Dimer Oligostilbene from the Stem Bark of Vatica odorata 2010
Media warfare content analysis of the conservative and alternative media during the Bukit Selambau Malaysianby-election 2010
Chemical Prospecting of Malaysian Dipterocarpaceae from HSUiTM, Pahang, Malaysia 2010
Food Borne Illness Risk Factors Assessment in UiTM Shah Alam, Malaysia 2010
Screening of Epipremnum Sp., Syngramma alysmifolia, Thotea Sp. and Smilax Sp. For Antimicrobial Activity 2010
The Validation and Development of Electronic Language Test 2010
Motivating Students Using Project Based Learning (PjBL) via e-SOLMS Technology 2010
The writing performance of undergraduates in the University of Technology Mara, Terengganu, Malaysia 2010
The Relationship between Active Teaching and Learning with Graduate's Entrepreneurial Intention and Interest 2010
Image Reconstruction Algorithm for Electrical Charge Tomography System 2010
Analysis of Crown Spectral Characteristic and Tree Species Mapping of Tropical Forest using Hyperspectral Imaging 2010
Comparative Assessment Using LQR and Fuzzy Logic Controller for a pitch control system 2010
The ABC'S of PhD 2010
Leadership Positioning for the Global University 2010
Lead Free Solder Joint Thermal Condition in Semiconductor Packaging 2010
Modeling and Controller Design of an Electro-Hydraulic Actuator System 2010
Service Quality Perceptions between Cooperative and Islamic Banks of Britain 2010
Tax Literacy among Employees: Sabah and Sarawak¿s Perspective 2010
A Case Study on Teacher¿s Assistance in Writing Classroom: A Look at the Effects on Rural Learners¿ Writing Self-efficacy 2010
Employee Motivation and its Impact on Employee Loyalty 2010
Modeling the potential distribution of wildlife species in the tropics 2010
Antioxidant Activity of Different Plant Parts Extracts of Dracaena umbratica Ridl 2010
Fuzzy Logic Controller Design for a Small Scale Industrial Hot Air Blower Heating and Ventilation System 2010
Educational Approach of Refactoring in Facilitating Reverse Engineering 2010
Nondestructive and Noncontact Dielectric Measurement Methods for Transformer Oil Using Free-space Microwave Measurement System in 19 ¿ 25 GHz Frequency Range 2010
Post-independence Malaysian Short Stories:A Portrayal of Racially Inflicted Pain 2010
Influencing Factors for Effective Community ICT Hubs 2010
Annual Risk Reporting of Listed Companies in Malaysia 2010
Knowledge Management and Challenging Roles of Academic Librarians 2010
Development of a Project-Based Learning Approach in Requirement Engineering. 2010
Understanding of Chemical Labeling Using Globally Harmonised System (GHS) Amongst Students of Secondary Level in Terengganu, Malaysia. 2010
Green Synthesis of Lauryl Palmitate via Lipase-Catalyzed Reaction 2010
A Quantitative Analysis of Malaysian Secondary School Technology Leadership 2010
Spectral Signatures of Leaf Fall Diseases in Hevea Brasiliensis Using a Handheld Spectroradiometer 2010
The Effects of Temperature Stress on the Quality and Yield of Soya Bean [(Glycine max L.) Merrill.] 2010
Organizational Citizenship Behavior as a Predictor of Student Academic Achievement 2010
Gender Differences on the Identity Status of the Malaysian Preparatory Students 2010
The Cointegration and Causality Tests for Tourism and Trade in Malaysia 2010
The Malaysian Public Procurement¿s Prevalent System and its Weaknesses 2010
Reconciling Challenges and Opportunities in Academic Scientific Writing 2010
ESL Lecturers¿ Voices on Tell Me More 2010
The Determinants of Training Effectiveness in Malaysian Organizations 2010
A Measurement Model of Lecturer s Personality for Public Higher Education 2010
The Relationship between Active Teaching and Learning with Graduate's Entrepreneurial Intention and Interest 2010
Verb-form errors in EAP writing 2010
Mapping and Quantification of Land Area and Cover Types with Landsat TM in Carey Island, Selangor, Malaysia 2009
Estimating Software Cost With Security Risk Potential 2009
Teachers' Code-Switching in Classroom Instructions for Low English Proficient Learners 2009
Sustainable Development Planning of Wetlands In Kuala Terengganu District Using Satellite Imagery 2009
Influences of Bedding Material in Vermicomposting Process 2009
Biology of Macrolophus caliginosus (Heteroptera:Miridae) Predator of Trialeurodes vaporium (Homoptera:Aleyrodidae) 2009
An ARDL Approach in Food and Beverages Industry Growth Process in Malaysia 2009
The Social Interaction Learning Styles of Science and Social Science Students 2009
The satisfaction Level of Universiti Teknologi MARA Sarawak's Staff University Environment 2009
A Review on Application of Hyperspectral Imaging to Forest Resources in Malaysia 2009
Teaching of Mathematics and Science in English: The Teachers' Voices 2009
The Communicative Ability of Universiti Teknologi MARA Sarawak's Graduates 2009
Gender as a Moderator of the Relationship between OCB and turnover Intention 2009
The role of the Islah Movement in the state's Constituition of Perlis,Malaysia 2009
Routinizing Lexical Phrases on Spoken Discourse 2009
Planning of Access Road Using Satellite Technology and Best Path Modelling 2009
Effects of Waterlogging on Growth and Physiology of Hopea odorata Roxb 2009
The organizational structure for environmental protection in Malaysia 2009
Promoting university Community's Creative Citizenry 2009
Spectral separability of tropical forest tree species using airbone hyperspectral imager 2009
Toxicity of selected insecticides againts nymph of whitefly (Bemisia tabaci Gennadius) 2009
Retaining Customers through Relationship Marketing in an Islamic Financial Instituition in Malayisa 2009
Eco-Labelling Perspectives amongst Malaysian Consumers 2009
The Effect on Information Technology Infrastructure Flexibility on Intranet Effectiveness 2009
The Effects of Corporate Reputation on the Competiveness of Malaysian Telecommunication Service Providers 2009
Levels of Job Satisfaction amongst Malaysian Academic Staff 2009
The Influence of Ethical Leadership on Lecturers' Job Involvement 2009
Motivation and Attitude in Learning English among UiTM Students in the Northern Region of Malaysia 2009
Influence of Instituitional Pressure and Ownership Structure on Corporate Social Responsibilty Disclosure 2009
The Academic Englsih Language Needs of Industrial Design Students in UiTM Kedah, Malaysia 2009
Malay Women's Responses to a Changing World: A feminist Postcolonial Reading of Ellina binti Abdul Majid's Perhaps in Paradise 2009
Malaysia's Policy towards its 1963-2008 territorial disputes 2009
The Influence of Business Profiles on Brand Equity Awareness among small and Medium Scale Food Entrepreneurs in Terengganu 2009
Artificial Intelligent system for the Malaysian MODENAS Production System 2009
An Overview of the Changes and Practises in the Japanese Human Resource Management 2009
Practises of Food Producers in Producing Halal Food Products in Malaysia 2009
Conception of Personal Pronouns in a Multi-Racial Society 2009
Strict versus Negligence Software Product Liability 2009
Validation Process for Electrical Charge Tomography System Using Digital Imaging Technique 2009
Project Based Learning (PjBL) Practises at Politeknik Kota Bharu,Malaysia 2009
Preliminary Study on the Role of Social Presence in Blended learning Environment in Higher Education 2009
Opportunities to Grab for Malaysian Women Entrepreneurships 2009
The Influence of Gender and Social Economic Status on Boarding School Students English Language Performance 2009
The Effect of Demographic and Academic Backgrounds on Financial Accounting Performance 2009
The Effectiness of internal audit in Malaysian public Sector 2009
Factors Related to Diabetes mellitus: Study On diabetes patients at HUSM,Kelantan 2009
Musculoskeletal disorders in oil palm fruit bunches harvesting in Malaysia 2009
Managing Behavioral academic self-esteem using FuzzyXteem 2009
Enchancing the quality of EAP Writing through Overt Teaching 2009
The Linkage of Employee Satisfaction and Loyalty in Hotel Industry in Klang Valley, Malaysia 2009
The Royal Commision Report for Strategic Management and Improvement of the Royal Malaysian Police 2009
The Effectiveness of Leadership Behavior Among Academician of Universiti Teknologi MARA Terengganu 2009
The Public e-Procurement in Malaysia 2009
The Basic Aspect of Partnership Accounting 2009
Chief Executive Officer Duality and Company Performance: A case of Malaysian Companies 2009
Sustainable Management of a Matured Oil Palm Plantation in UPM Campus, Malaysia Using Airbone Remote Sensing 2009
Assesment of Wetlands in Kuala Terengganu District Using Landsat 2009
Ionospheric Correction and Ambiguity Resolution in DGPS with Single Frequency 2009
The Implementation of Software Process Improvement Models 2009
Using Multimedia in Teaching Islamic Studies 2009
Stimulating Lecturer's Innovative Behavior in Malaysian Polythecnics 2009
Plant Biotechnological patents from the legal perspective 2009
Long Run between Malaysian Stock Market in Agriculture Sector 2009
Airborne Hyperspectral Sensor for Individual Species Counting and Mapping of Karas (Aquilaria Malaccensis) in Bukit Nanas F.R, Malaysia 2009
Hyperspectral Remote Sensing for Tropical Rain Forest 2009
Estimating Cabbage Production in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia Using IKONOS Data 2009
Indoor Air Quality and Sick Building Syndrome in Malaysian Buildings 2009
Secrets of Successful Journal Writing and Publication Revealed 2009
Entrepreneurial Intention among Malaysian Undergraduates 2009
Corporate Management Structure of Large Malaysian Construction Companies 2009
Surface Plasmon Resonance Study on the Characteristics of A Conducting Polymer Ultra-Thin Film 2009
Developing a Secure Web Application Using OWASP Guidelines 2009
Realigning the Focus of Plagiarism Detection using 2009
ESL Students' Attitude towards Texts and Teaching Methods used in Literature Classes 2009
The Language Learning Benefits of Extensive Reading: Teachers Should Be Good Role Models 2009
Land Use and Cover Mapping with Airbone Hyperspectral Imager in Setiu, Malaysia 2009
Soil and Agricultural Capability of UiTM Sarawak Campus Farm,Malaysia 2009
The Contribution of Adaptive Selling to Positive Word-of-Mouth In Malaysian Computer Retail Business 2009
The Use of ICT in Public and Private Instituitions of Higher Learning,Malaysia 2009
Discriminant Analysis of Animal Species Odor's Response 2009
Income Statements Transparency and Firms' Characteristics of Companies Listed on the Bursa Malaysia 2009
Curling Behaviour of Circular Metal Tubes 2009
The Modelling and Designing of E-Supervised (E-SUV) for Distance Learning Centre 2009
The Effect of Problem-Based Learning on students Teamwork Ability in UiTM Terengganu,Malaysia 2009
Precision Forestry Using Airbone Hyperspectral Imaging Sensor 2009
Development of Individual Learners: Perspective of the Uncertain Future Contibution of E-Learning 2009
The Struggles of Reluctant Workplace Bloggers 2009
Effectiveness of Corporate Intranet in Selected Malaysian Companies 2009
Influence of Reability Dimension on Service Quality Performance in Northern Region Malaysian University Academic Library 2009
An Overview of the Cross-Cultural Business Negotiation between Malaysia and Australia 2009
Voting Trends in Bukit Selambau By-Election Malaysia 2009
The Moderating Effect of Gneder Differences between Mentoring and Individuals' Career 2009
The Economic and Environmental Impact of a Suitable Forest Harvest Zone Allocation Using a GIS Analysis 2009
Prosocial behaviour Motivation of Acheness Volunteers in Helping Tsunami Disaster Victims 2009
The Linguistic Taboo between Malays and Ibans of Sarawak,Malaysia 2009
Salesperson Professional Selling and Effect on Buyer and Salesperson Relationship 2009
Paper Prototyping as a Rapid Participatory Design Technique 2009
Population Ecology of Whitefly,Bemisia tabaci, (Homoptera:Aleyrodidae) on Brinjal 2009
Strategic management and improvement of the Malaysian police from the perspective of the Royal Commision Report 2009
Nurturing Writing Proficiency through Theme-based Instruction 2009
Developing Professional Track towards Excellence in Academician's Career Path 2009
Influence of Economics Factors on Performance of Invesment and Mudharabah Accounts in Maybank,Malaysia 2009
Positive Affects Inducer on Software Quality 2009
Socio-Economic Status and Parental Savings for Higher Education among Malaysian Bumiputera Families 2009
Historical and Current Legislations of Taman Negara National Park Peninsular Malaysia 2009
Televisions and Media Literacy in Young Children: Issues and Effects in Early Childhood 2009
Enchancing the critical Role of Malaysian Institute of Higher Education form Ivy League American Universities Research Culture Experiences 2009
Does Spoon-feeding Impede Independent Learning? 2009
Accountability from the Perspective of Malaysian Governance 2009
The Second Language Acquisition of Past Tense Marker in English by L1 Speakers of Chinese 2009
Antecedents of Phychological Empowerment in the Malaysian Private Higher Education Institutions 2009
The Japanese Influence in Malaysian Automotive Industry: Human Resources Management and Development Practises 2009
A study of subject-Verb Agreement:From Novice Writers to Expert Writers 2009
Leveraging an Open Source VPN Technology to End User 2009
The Importance of Arabic Language in Malaysian Tourism Industry 2009
The Impact of Psychological Empowerment on Lecturer's Innovative Behavior in Malaysian Private Higher Education Institutions 2009
Semiotic Analysis of a Media Text The Lord Of The Rings:The Fellowship of The Ring 2009
Value-relevance of acccounting numbers for valuation 2009
Discrete First-order Three-Point Boundary Value Problem 2009
Environmental management system and community's spillover behavior 2009
The Performance of Two Mother Wavelets in Function Approximation 2009
Barriers to Optimal Control of Type 2 Diabetes in Malaysian Malay Patients 2009
Floristic Diversity, Composition and Richness in Relation to Topography of a Hill Dipterocarp Forest in Malaysia 2008
Rare Tree Species Pattern Diversity in Two Virgin Jungle Reserves in Pahang and Johor, Malaysia 2008
Mapping of Individual Rubber Trees for Standing Volume Prediction with an Airborne Imager 2008
Comparison of vegetation indices for mangrove vegetation mapping at Kelantan Delta 2008
Geo-Information Science for Precision Forest Management & Policy 2008
Airborne Hyperspectral Imaging System for Management and Conservation of Mountain Forest Park in Kelantan, Malaysia 2008
Academic Entrepreneurship a Malaysian Research University Perspective 2008
Good Practices in Supervision 2008
Natural Wetland Protection of a Developed Tasik Melati, Perlis, Malaysia 2008
Public Service Delivery Efficiency and Its Economic Deliverables Towards Global Competitiveness Through ICT and Innovations: the Malaysian Initiatives 2008
Inculcating Values and Ethics in Higher Education E-learning Drive: UiTM I-learn User Policy 2008
Geoinformatics for Better Forest Management 2008
A Cointegration Analysis of the Industrial Growth Patterns in Malaysian Manufacturing 2008
Hyperspectral Imaging of Forest Resources: The Malaysian Experience 2008
Mangrove Conservation Activities Through Community Participation in Pakistan 2008
The Factors Influencing Students's Performance at Universiti Teknologi MARA Kedah,Malaysia 2008
Risk Management Assessment for Partnering Projects in the Malaysian Construction Industry 2008
Instilling Moral Values in Report Writing Course 2008
Geospatial Information Technology for Conservation of Coastal Forest and Mangroves Environment in Malaysia 2008
Mapping of Power Transmission Lines on Malaysian Highways Using UPM-APSB's AISA Airborne Hyperspectral Imaging System 2008
Airborne Hyperspectral Imaging for Mapping of Pavement Cracks on Malaysian Highways 2008
A Forest Effective Research Supervision in the Faculty of Forestry, University Putra Malaysia 2008
Performance of Adapting Non-Native Speech in Isolated Speech Recognizer 2008
Forest Road Assessment in Ulu Muda Forest Reserve,Kedah,Malaysia 2008
An Input-output Analysis of Sources of Growth and Key Sectors in Malaysia 2008
Managing Sustainable Mangrove Forest in Peninsular Malaysia 2008
Inculcating Values and Ethics in Higher Educatio e-Learning Drive: UiTM i-Learn User Policy 2008
Satellite Data Classification Accuracy Assessment Based from Reference Dataset 2008
A Mechanized System For Log Skidding Using A Winch - Mounted Steel Sled In The Peat Swamp Forest of Malaysia 2008
Legal Framework on Risk Management for Design Work in malaysia 2008
Sustainable Forest Management Practices and Environmental Protection in Malaysia 2008
Mangrove Canopy Density of Sungai Merbok Forest Reserve, Kedah From Landsat TM 2008
The Influence of Employee Benefits Towards Organizational Commitment 2008
Managing Change with Integrity in Malaysian Institution of Higher Education 2008
Teaching Comprehension Skills using Context-Based Texts in Second Language Learning at Tertiary Level 2008
Estimated DEM Uncertainty in Creating 3-D Model of UPM¿s Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve in Selangor, Malaysia 2008
The Concept of Research 2007
Wetland Cover Changes of Kuala Terengganu District Using Landsat Imagery 2007
Distribution Pattern of Rare Tree Spesis in Two Virgin Jungle Reservers in Pahang and Johor, Malaysia 2007
The Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Sustainable Tropical Forest Management 2007
Kesan Kemasinan Terhadap Tindakbalas Fisiologi Pada Lima Jenis Bakau 2007
Wetland Cover Changes in Kula Terengganu District Using LandsatTM Imagery 2007
A Study of Forest Structure, Diversity Index and Above-ground Biomass at Tok Bali Mangrove Forest, Kelantan, Malaysia 2007
Geospatial Database Development of G.Stong Forest Resources Using UPM-APSB's Airborne Hyperspectral Sensing Technology For Sustainable Management and Conservation 2007
Advanced Processing of UPM-APSB's AISA Airborne Hyperectral Images For Individual Tiber Species Identification and Mapping 2007
Mangrove Conservation Through Community Participation in Pakistan : The Case of Sonmiani Bay 2007
Wetland Cover Changes of Kuala Terengganu District Using Landsat Imagery 2007
Geo-Information Science for Precision Forest Management and Policies 2007
Geoinformatics For Better Forest Management 2007
Spectral Signatures of Some Mangrove Species in Malaysia 2007
Conservation of a Wetland Near a City : A Case Study 2007

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