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SAPAAN : Encik
NAMA : Azman Bin Hassan
JAWATAN HAKIKI : Pensyarah Kanan
PTJ : Fakulti Ekonomi Dan Pengurusan

Identifying Drivers of the Malaysian Economy Using Policy-Relevant Measures 2017
Green GDP Accounting Towards Sustainable Development 2016
Virtual Water Trade in Industrial Products: The Malaysian Scenario 2016
What Factors Determines the FDI Net Flows in Africa? GMM and PMG Techniques 2016
Estimating the impact of minimum wages on poverty across ethnic groups in Malaysia 2016
Penganggaran Impak Perlaksanaan CBP ke atas Kos Pengeluaran dan Kos Sara Hidup di Malaysia 2016
What Actually Sources of Food Inflation in Malaysia? 2016
Measuring the Embodied Waste Among Industries In Malaysia 2015
Measuring impacts of exports of palm oil biodiesel on direct and indirect land use changes in Malaysia 2015
Trust Attributes and Risk Acceptance of the Rare Earth Refinery in Malaysia 2015
Measuring the embodied waste among industries in Malaysia 2015
The Impact of Government Spending, Trade, Foreign Aid and Foreign Direct Investment on Poverty Reduction in Africa: GMM Estimation 2015
The Need for Improving Energy Supply in Malaysia: Nuclear as a New Source of Energy Diversification 2015
Evaluation of the Relative Performance of RAS and Cross-Entropy Techniques for Updating Input-Output Tables of Malaysia 2014
Industry Structure and Market Concentration: Case of Malaysian Construction Industry 2014
Does Trade in Industrial Products have the Potential to Improve Distribution of Global Virtual Water? 2014
Who Gain and Lose from the Minimum Wage Policy? 2013
Readings on Applied Economics Issues: An Overview 2013
Readings on Applied Economic Issues 2013
Readings on Applied Economics Issues 2013
Does Trade in Industrial Products have the Potential to Improve Distribution of Global Virtual Water? 2013
Enhancement of soft skills through Student ZLeadership Programs: A case Study of Student High Council of Sixteenth College, Universiti Putra Malaysia 2010
.Enhancement of Soft Skills through Student Leadership Program: A case study on Student High Council Sixteenth College, Universiti Putra Mal 2010
How do Malaysians Perceive Risks? 2008
Markup and Market Power in the Malaysian Manufacturing Industries 2008

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