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SAPAAN : Prof. Madya Dr.
NAMA : Asnarulkhadi Bin Abu Samah
JAWATAN HAKIKI : Profesor Madya
PTJ : Fakulti Ekologi Manusia

Entrepreneurial involvement and youth empowerment: Unlocking economic growth and social change in Nigeria 2016
Psychosocial Predictors of Breast Self-Examination among Female Students in Malaysia: A Study to Assess the Roles of Body Image, Self-efficacy and Perceived Barriers 2016
Experiences, Obstacles and Challenges in the Study of Impact and Effectiveness of KTP (Community) 2016
Dynamics of Social Capital among Irrigation Water Users in Rural Sindh Province of Pakistan 2016
Adaptation towards climate change: The case of Malaysian youth fishermenn 2016
Social support and psychogical well-being among delinquents in rehabilitation cente 2016
Persekitaran sosial dan prasarana lestari ke arah mewujudkan cara hidup sehat dan berkualiti 2016
Insufficient Knowledge of Breast Cancer Risk Factors Among Malaysian Female University Students 2016
Kajian Kes: Perkembangan Holistik Kanak-kanak Taska 2016
Adaptation towards climate change among small scale fishermen: A comparison between the east coast and west coast fishermen in Peninsular Malaysia 2016
Pelaksanaan terapi bermain ke atas kanak-kanak peringkat awal yangmengalami stres 2016
Persepsi Komuniti Iban Terhadap Pegawai Program dan Hubungannya Dengan Penglibatan dalam Program Pembasmian Kemiskinan 2016
Level and profile of internalizing behaviors problem among preschool children: Evidence from Malaysia 2016
Factors impinging human capital of rural youth in Malaysia 2016
A Comparison across Ranks of Well-being among Police Officers in Malaysia 2016
Desentralisasi Kuasa dan Penglibatan Komuniti Iban dalam Program Pembasmian Kemiskinan di Sarawak 2016
Understanding the environment worldviews of Malaysian project managers 2016
Efforts Of Watershed Sustainability And Usage Among Peri-Urban Agricultural Farmers Of Kwadon, NE Nigeria 2016
Persekitaran SOsial dan prasana lestari ke Arah Mewujudkan Cara hidup sihat dan Berkualiti 2016
Quality of Life in Rural Communities: Residents Living Near to Tembeling, Pahang and Muar Rivers, Malaysia 2016
The Determinants Of Participation In Empowerment Programs In Jambi Province, Indonesia 2016
The level of participation among small farmers of Sindh, Pakistan 2016
Malaysian Studies: Nationhood and Citizenship (second edition) 2015
Indigenous Knowledge: As a Panacea for Environmental Management-Review 2015
Impacts of Agriculture Capacity Building Programs as Youth Empowerment Strategy: A Case Study of Integrated Youth Farm Training Centre, Malete, Kwara State, Nigerian 2015
Body Image Satisfaction and Breast Self-screening Behaviors and Intentions 2015
Revealing Factors Hindering Halal Certification In East Kalimantan Indonesia 2015
Well-Being Revisited: A Malaysian Perspective 2015
Play Therapy Intervention on Preschool Children with Behaviour and Emotional Problem 2015
Peranan Organisasi Berasaskan komuniti (OBK) dalam Pembangunan Komuniti: Satu Pemerhatian Awal 2015
A Quantitative Survey of Water Management Issues in Rural Sindh 2015
Empowerment, Expectations, Priorities and Attitudes Toward Development 2015
Examining the extent of youth participation in agricultural training program in Malete Youth Farm Kwara State 2015
Identifying sources of social capital among the farmers of rural Sindh Province of Pakistan 2015
A Study on Participation as Individual Empowerment in Malaysian Welfare Reform 2015
Paly Therapy Intervention on Preschool Children with Behavior and Emotional Problem 2015
Predicting & Explaining Intention to Adopt Green Concepts Among Housing Developers 2015
Menjejaki Kesejahteraan dari Kacamata Komuniti Malaysia 2015
Malaysian Subjective Well-Being Measurement: Mapping the way Forward 2015
Rivers development: the view of the youth 2014
Memasyarakatkan penyelidikan -Menyadur tiga pemegang kepentingan - penyelidik, pembiayadan penerima manfaat 2014
The impingement factors of quality of life among community who resides near to the rivers 2014
Rural youth sustainability livelihood: Some preliminary results 2014
Mediating Effect of Social Capital in the Relationship between Participation and Empowerment among Fadama Members in Kankara Local Community, Katsina State Nigeria 2014
Relationship between background characteristics and residential satisfaction of young households in Unplanned Neighbourhoods in Kano, Nigeria 2014
Participation among Youths and Community Development Program in the NigerDelta Region of Nigeria 2014
Comparison of Satisfaction with Residential Components between Previous and Current Unplanned Neighbourhoods Among Young Households in Kano, Nigeria 2014
Relationship between Dimensions of Participation in Microfinance Scheme and Psychological Empowerment among Rural Farmers in Kano, Nigeria 2014
Microfinance scheme: A Medium for Micro- Entrepreneurship Development in Nigeria 2014
Relationships between Socio-demographic Variables and Psychological Empowerment among Members of Fadama User Groups (FUGs) in Kankara Local Community, Katsina State, Nigeria 2014
Residents' Perceptions towards Educational Tourism Impacts: The Role of Gender Differences 2014
Chapter 14 : Pensijilan Halal: Cabaran Penggiat Industri Halal Sejagat 2014
Relationship Between Socio-Economic Factors and Participation in Decision Making in Microfinance Scheme Among Rural Farmers in Kano, Nigeria 2014
Relationship between Body Image and Breast Self-examination Intentions and Behaviors among Female University Students in Malaysia 2014
An Outline of the Need for Psychology Knowledge in Health Professionals: Implications for Community Development and Breast Cancer Prevention 2014
Gender as a Moderator of the Relation Among Social Support Functions and Life Satisfaction in Older Malaysians 2014
Participation as a Medium for Economic Empowerment among Microfinance Scheme Beneficiaries in Kano, Nigeria 2014
Perception and community development among youths in the Niger-Delta Region of Nigeria 2014
Participation in microfinance scheme: A medium for empowering community with special reference to Nigeria 2014
Constraints Experienced by Restaurateurs and Caterers in Indonesia for Halal Certification 2014
Human development index of rural communities in Malaysia: Tembeling, Pahang dan Muar Rivers 2014
Participation in Fadama User Groups (FUGs) as a medium of Social Capital and Empowerment in Kankara Local Community, Katsina State-Nigeria 2014
Quantitative Models for Participation Evaluation in Community Development: A Theoritical Review 2013
Person centered approach to counselling indicators of personal growth experienced by Malay clients 2013
Orang Asli suku kaum Orang Kuala Antara stereotaip keciciran dengan transformasi: Penenlitian ke atas penerimagunaan modal insan baharu 2013
To Expose or Not to Expose: The Complexity of Emotions in Pap Smear Acceptance 2013
Educational Tourism in Malaysia: Implications for Community Development Practice 2013
Rural Women Empowerment through Self Help Groups in Nigeria: The Role of Participation and Volunteerism 2013
Literacy And Women Empowerment For Sustainable Development In Nigeria 2013
Relationship Between Participation And Empowerment In Women Self Help Groups In Nigeria ? A General analysis 2013
The paucity of resarch looking at the occupational categories of women with breast cancer screening behaviors in Asian countries 2013
The Sensitivity of Communities towards the Environmental Changes in Tembeling, Pahang and Muar Rivers 2013
Effects on the use of humor among malay retirees 2013
Relationship to the River: The Case of the Rural Communities Residing Beside the Tembeling, Pahang and Muar Rivers 2013
The Quality of Life of the Bahau Riverside Community: The Case of the Rural Community Living along Muar and Serting Rivers 2013
Application of Health Behavior Theories to Breast Cancer Screening among Asian Women 2013
Leveraging microenterprise products at the global market: A strategy to ensure sustainable poverty alleviation 2013
Measuring Rural women Empowerment through Participation in Women Self Help Groups in Nigeria 2013
Attitude and perception of Kuala Lumpur population on Klang River Rehabilitation Project 2013
Residents? Attitude towards Educational Tourism in Malaysia 2013
The Level of Perceptions toward Agriculture Land Development Programme among Orang Asli in Pahang, Malaysia 2013
Selected Concepts of Community Development and Operational explanation from Islamic context 2012
Development and analysis of acceptence of a nutrition education package among a rural elderly population: An action research study 2012
Empowerment through Participation in Afforestation Programme among Toshia Community in Nigeria 2012
Halal Culinary: Opportunity and Challenge in Indonesia 2012
Peranan Modal Sosial Rapatan ke atas Pendayaupayaan Ekonomi Orang Kuala 2012
The background factors, participation and empowerment among participants of afforestation programme in Toshia, Northeast, Nigeria 2012
Household Food Insecurity among Urban Welfare Recipient Households In Hulu Langat, Selangor. 2012
Non-governmental organizationals and participatory model for the empowerment of older people in Malaysia 2012
Development of ?Power within? among the Women: A Road to empowerment 2012
Selective Participation - The Disempowerment amongst Bario Youth in Satrawak Malaysia 2012
Is Play Therapy Effective on Young Children with Anxiety? 2012
Community Participation in Microfinance Scheme as a Medium for Empowerment in Developing Nations with Special Reference to Nigeria 2012
The Effect of the Ownership and Usage of New Human Capital Change on the Economic Empowerment Amongst Orang Kuala in Malaysia 2012
Assessment of Participation in Afforestation Programme and Relationship to Empowerment 2012
Perceptions of healthy foods among rural elderly Malaysians: A qualitative analysis 2012
Living arrangement and life satisfaction in older Malaysians: The mediating role of social support function 2012
Constract validity and reliability of Malaysian Coping Strategy Instrument to measure household food insecurity in two different studies in Peninsular Malaysia 2012
Perlaksanaan Terapi Bermain ke atas Kanak-kanak yang mengalami Masalah Anxieti 2012
Development of Halal Hotel in Indonesia. 2012
GIS dalam Pemetaan Modal Komuniti 2012
The Effectiveness of Play Therapy on Stress Among Young Children: Based on teachers Report 2012
Participation in Breast Cancer Prevention: Assessing Women?s Knowledge and their Participation in Mammography in Tehran, Iran 2012
Application of GIS in Orang Asli community profiling 2012
Play Therapy In Community Development 2012
Community Perception of Afforestation Programme in Desert Encroach Area Toshia, Nigeria 2012
Doing social survey in remote rural areas by implementing the mobile ad-hoc network: The case in Orang Asli village 2012
Pengesanan Awal masalah Emosi Tingkah laku kanak-kanak dan Intervensi Bermain 2012
Women Participation In Self-Help Development Projects As An Instrument For Rural Women Empowerment in Nigeria 2012
The Influence of Psycho-social Factors on Participation Levels in Community-based Breast Cancer Prevention Programs in Tehran, Iran 2012
The effect of non-governmental organization (NGO)'s approach on women's empowerment in Shiraz, Iran 2011
Pengurusan tanah wakaf di negeri Selangor- satu aplikasi GIS 2011
Relationship to the River: The Case of the Muar River Community 2011
Sexual Harassment: Is it A Case of Gendered Perspective? 2011
Teori dan Amalan Pembangunan Komuniti dalam Perkhidmatan Kebajikan Masyarakat 2011
Daripada Anggota Masyarakat ke Anggota Masyarakat: Merancang dan Melaksanakan Program Pembangunan Komuniti 2011
Peranan Institusi Wakaf Dalam Pembangunan Komuniti : Keperluan Sistem Maklumat Geografi (Geographic Information System) 2011
Permasalahan Belia: Pendekatan bagi Mendepani Cabaran 2011
Sexual Harassment: Why Men Do It? A Study to Examine The Predictors That Leads Men To Sexually Harass 2011
Social LifeCondition of Herbicide Sprayers in Malaysia 2011
Does the Likely Perpetrator?s Marital Status Matter In Engaging In The Act Of Sexual Harassment? 2011
Social life condition of herbicide sprayers in malaysia 2011
KEPERLUAN SOKONGAN EMOSIONAL DALAM KALANGAN ANAK DEWASA YANG MENJAGA WARGA TUA (Emotional Support Needs In Caring For The Elderly Parents By The Adult Children) 2011
Community Participation in Breast Cancer Prevention programs towards Building Sustainable Programs: Involvement or Participation? 2011
Peranan Institusi Wakaf Dalam Pembangunan Komuniti: Keperluan Sistem Maklumat Geografi (Geographic Information System) 2011
Pengurusan Tanah Wakaf di Negeri Selangor - Satu Aplikasi GIS (Geographical Information System) 2011
Validation of Malaysian Coping Strategy Instrument (MCSI) To Measure Household Food Insecurity In Kelantan, Malaysia. 2011
Barriers to mammography among women attending gynecologic outpatient clinics in Tehran, Iran 2011
Women?s Social Barriers Influence Participation in Mammography on the Iranian Women in Metropolitan, Tehran, Iran 2011
Human Development Index of the Rural Community in the Three Major Cities along Pahang River and Muar River, Malaysia 2011
Internet Addiction, Social Capital and Youth 2011
Internet Addiction, Social Capital And Youth 2011
A descriptive analysis on the personality of child physical abuse victims 2011
Cabaran dan keperluan khidmat sokongan untuk ibubapa/penjaga yang mempunyai anak OKU berpenyakit kronikl 2011
Factors Affecting the Quality of Life among the Rural Community Living along Pahang River and Muar River in Malaysia 2011
Receiving the agriculture Information through Mass Media and Interpersonal Sources among the Rural Community 2011
Cabaran dan keperluan khidmat sokongan untuk ibubapa/penjaga yang mempunyai anak OKU berpenyakit kronik 2011
Pandangan belia orang asli terhadap kepimpinan ketua masyarakat peribumi di Semenanjung Malaysia 2011
Pahang River Community Satisfaction towards Their Quality of Life: The Case of Community in Pekan, Pahang 2011
Pendayaupayaan Komuniti ke Arah Pemupukan Komuniti Sivil Berkualiti 2011
Modal sosial dan modal insan belia Orang Asli- Satu tinjauan umum 2010
Validation of malaysian Coping Strategy Instrument (MCSI) to measure household food insecurity in Kelantan, Malaysia 2010
Pengalaman Penjagaan Ibu Bapa Tua oleh Anak Dewasa: Satu Kajian dalam Kalangan Penduduk Melayu Bandar Berpendapatan Rendah 2010
Women's community participation levels in community-based health programs regarding breast cancer prevention in Metropolitan Tehran 2010
Community Development through Community Capacity Building: A Social Science Perspective 2010
Food Security: Concepts and defiitions 2010
Instrument development for understanding factors influencing mammography compliance among Irianian women in Metropolitan Iran 2010
A Qualitative Study on Coping Strategies among Women from Food Insecurity Households in Selangor and Negeri Sembilan 2010
The Impact of NGO' functions on Women Participation in Capacity Building Programmes in Iran 2010
The Quality of Life Muar River Community and Socio-economic Factors That Impinge it 2010
Effect of Women's Socio-demographic Variables on their Empowerment 2010
Community Development Programs in Malaysia 2010
The effect of women's sociodemographic variables on their empowerment 2010
Organizational, OperationaI and Interaction al Processes of People's Participation in Community Activities in Malaysia 2010
Prospects of Waterway Development as a Catalyst to Improve Regional and Community Socio-Economy Level 2010
Sustainable Livelihood along Major Rivers : The need for A new Model and Extension's Response to Riverside Development 2010
Perception and Readiness among Local Community towards Inland Waterway Development 2010
Empowerment of beneficiaries in Community Development : Understanding the concept and examining present practices 2010
Permasalah sosial masyarakat Melayu bandar: Hakikat & Penyelesaian 2009
An action research on promotion of health ageing and risk reduction of chronic disease: A need assessment study among rural elderly Malays, care givers and health professionals 2009
Food Insecurity among Urban Welfare Recipient Households in Selangor, Malaysia 2009
Factors Influencing local people's participation in watershed management programs in Iran 2009
Perception of Elder Maltreatment Through the Eyes of Older Malaysians 2009
Factors influencing people's participation in watershed management programs in Iran 2009
An Action Research on Promotion of Healthy Ageing and Risk Reduction of Chronic Disease: A Need Assessment Study Among Rural Elderly Malays, Care Givers and Health Professionals 2009
Factors contributing to Household Food Insecurity 2009
Development of Malaysian Coping Strategy Instrument (MCSI) to measure household food insecurity 2009
Persepsi, sikap dan motivasi pelajar UPM terhadap bahasa Inggeris dan kesannnya ke atas pencapaian akademik 2009
Permasalahan sosial melayu bandar: Hakikat dan penyelesaian 2009
A Social Exchange Approach to People's Participation in Watershed Programs in Iran 2009
Keperluan sokongan emosional dalam kalangan anak dewasa yang menjaga warga tua 2009
Persepsi, Sikap dan Motivasi Pelajar UPM Terhadap Bahasa Inggeris dan kesannya ke atas Pencapaian Akademik 2009
Modal Insan dalam kalangan ketua keluarga Orang Asli Malaysia 2009
Pola Sokongan Keluarga Kepada Warga Tua 2009
Community Participation in Watershed Management Programs 2009
Kelompangan Dasar Belia Negara- Menyangga potensi belia menerusi pendekatan transformasi konflik 2009
Analisis Personaliti dan resiliensi Kanak-kanak Mangsa Penderaan Fizikal 2008
Pembangunan komuniti sebagai strategi perubahan sosial komuniti luar bandar 2008
Pengalaman penjagaan ibu bapa tua oleh anak dewasa: Satu kajian masyarakat Melayu bandar yang berpendapatan rendah 2008
Kesihatan dan perubatan masyarakat Orang asli 2008
People's participation in primary health care: a community development perspective 2008
Pembangunan modal insan: salura kemerdekaan Orang Asli Semenanjung Malaysia 2008
Sokongan sosial yang diharapkan daripada famili oleh warga tua Malaysia 2008
Modal Insan, Pembentukan Keupayaan dan Pendayaupayaan Komuniti Menerusi Kerja Komuniti dan Pembangunan Komuniti 2008
Effectiveness of an intervention programme for promotion of healthy ageing and risk reduction of chronic diseases 2008
Coping strategies of food insecurity among low income households 2008
Pengajian Malaysia: Kenegaraan dan Kewarganegaraan (Edisi Kedua) 2008
Food Expenditure and Coping Strategy to Household Food Insecurity in Kelantan 2008
Pendekatan dan model pembangunan komuniti orang asli: satu ulasan 2008
Pengetahuan ICT dan pembinaan modal insan komuniti belia Orang Asli dalam era globalisasi 2008
Kurikulum Bersepadu Orang Asli/Penan (KAP) ? Satu Pendekatan Baru dalam Pembangunan Pendidikan Komuniti Orang Asli/Penan 2007
Persepsi, sikap dan motivasi mahasiswa Universiti Putra Malaysia terhadap Bahasa Inggeris: Satu tinjauan umum 2007
Handbook on social skills and social in technical education and vocational training 2007
National Dual Training System :Handbook on Social Skills and Social Values in Technical Education and Vocational Training: 2007
Memahami konsep modal insan 2007
National Dual Training System: Handbook on Social Skills and Social Values in Technical Education and Vocational Training (2nd.ed.) 2007
Modal Insan dan kepentingannya- Satu pandangan dari sudut kebajikan 2007
Sistem Latihan Dual Nasional. Buku Panduan Kemahiran Sosial dan Nilai Sosial dalam Pendidikan Teknikal dan Latihan Vokasional 2007
National Dual Training System. Handbook on Social Skills & Social Values in Technical Education & Vocational Training - 2nd Edition 2007
Sistem Latihan Dual Nasional: Buku Panduan Kemahiran Sosial dan Nilai Sosial dalam Pendidikan Teknikal dan Latihan Vokasional 2007
Modal insan dan kepentingannya- Satu pandangan dari sudut kebajikan 2007
National Dual Training System. Handbook on Social Skills & Social Values in Technical Education & Vocational Training - 1st Edition 2007
Persepsi, Sikap dan Motivasi Mahasiswa Universiti Putra Malaysia Terhadap Bahasa Inggeris, 2007
Kurikulum bersepadu Orang Asli/Penan (KAP)- Satu pendekatan baru dalam pembangunan pendidikan komuniti Orang Asli/Penan 2007
Tingkahlaku prososial dan Kecemerlangan Akademik di Kalangan Pelajar Sekolah Menengah di Malaysia: Implikasi untuk Polisi. 2004
?The Resposibility of The Society to The Elderly? 2004
Malaysian Studies: Nationhood and Citizenship 2003
Tingkahlaku pelajar sekolah rendah dan menengah. 2003

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